Take-back obligation waste batteries and accumulators

If you sell (products with integrated) batteries and accumulators, you have a take-back obligation.


We ensure sustainable and environmentally conscious processing of collected e-waste. After collection, sorting of the electrical appliances takes place. Some […]

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Much more e-waste needs to be collected in the coming years. We ensure in many ways that consumers know where […]

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  • Can I return small quantities of waste appliances?

    For small quantities, there are two options:


    Wecycle collection bins are located at 100 (technical) wholesalers for small quantities of discarded small electrical appliances and energy-efficient light bulbs. Luminaires can be handed in free of charge when purchasing a new product. You can find the nearest drop-off point on the WecycleFinder.

    Your own municipality

    In many municipalities, you can dispose of up to seven packages at a time free of charge at the recycling centre.

  • How can I dispose of large quantities of discarded appliances?

    For large quantities of discarded appliances, lamps and fixtures, we make collection equipment available free of charge and collect and dispose of them free of charge. In the questions below (How can I dispose of small amounts of e-waste and How can I dispose of large amounts of e-waste) you can see which collection means there are and what the conditions are for this.  When these are full, you can register them via our digital portal: MyOPEN (see the button at the top right).

    This also applies to solar panels. Since 1 March 2021, all producers and importers of solar panels are obliged to join the OPEN foundation. The OPEN Foundation is responsible for the collection and recycling of solar panels and all associated activities. If you are an installer or dismantling company and you want to offer solar panels for recycling, you can register via the registration form on MyOPEN, the matching collection will be arranged for you.

    Distribution centre
    Is your installation company part of a chain with its own distribution centre? Then you can hand in discarded lamps and luminaires through your own return logistics. We will collect them from the distribution centre.



  • How can I dispose of a professional electrical appliance responsibly?

    To responsibly dispose of a professional electrical appliance, you can consider taking it to metal companies. In some cases, you may receive a market-based price for it. Visit the Wecycle collection points for companies at wecyclevoorbedrijven.nl to find more information. If you choose to go this route, you will receive the payment from the metal company you arrange this with. Always check the collection point’s website for details regarding opening hours and additional information before dropping off your appliance.

    If you prefer to have us collect your electrical waste free of charge (without compensation), simply click on ‘Register’ on this website.

  • I receive mail from Afvalbeheerstuctuur AEEA B.V.(AEEA B.V.). Is that Stichting OPEN?

    Yes, you are receiving mail from Afvalbeheerstructuur AEEA B.V. (AEEA B.V.), which is a 100% subsidiary of Stichting OPEN. AEEA B.V. is responsible for managing waste management structure contracting and invoicing on behalf of Stichting OPEN.