We ensure sustainable and environmentally conscious processing of collected e-waste. After collection, sorting of the electrical appliances takes place. Some […]

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Much more e-waste needs to be collected in the coming years. We ensure in many ways that consumers know where […]

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The Branchevereniging Kringloopbedrijven Nederland (BKN) is a long-term partner of the OPEN Foundation and Wecycle. The members of BKN are […]

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As a thrift shop, you want to waste as few materials and resources as possible. Anything that can no longer […]

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  • I would like to join the OPEN Foundation, how do I do that?

    Welcome! You can sign up through our portal MyOpen. A button is located at the top right of this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • Is my shop a Wecycle collection point?

    We work together with 13,000 collection points. Shops that collect appliances and light bulbs without the customer having to make a purchase are listed on the WecycleZoeker.

  • How much is the compensation of cost for returned electrical appliances?

    We offer recycling shops a compensation of cost (excl. VAT) based on the quantity/type of appliances offered:

    • Large white goods appliances and cooling/freezing appliances
      €6 per appliance
    • Small Electrical and ICT Devices
      €2 per full box
      €1 per other device that does not fit in the box for small electrical and ICT devices
    • CRT TVs and monitors
      €4 per device
    • Flat screen televisions and monitors
      € 3 per device

    Shops that provide electrical appliances sorted into five fractions (as specified above) on a large scale (in containers) from a distribution centre receive a cost compensation of EUR 140 per tonne.

  • What are my obligations as a thrift shop?

    Physical and online shops have legal obligations concerning waste appliances, but these do not apply to thrift shops.

    Also electrical appliances that have been given a second life through the thrift shop will be disposed of one day. Are you a recycling company? Then you can also work with us. We provide you and your customers the certainty that (small) electrical appliances are managed in a responsible way, also during the disposal phase.

  • How do I get a Jekko?

    Do you want to deploy Jekkos? Nice to hear. We would like to ask you to order via the MyOPEN-button. There you can also read the conditions. The most important condition is that Jekkos that are distributed randomly or door-to-door are not free of charge.

  • How can I place a pickup request?

    Is your collection unit for electrical appliances or lamps (almost) full? Place a pickup request by logging into our MyOpen portal.

    Is your collection unit for batteries (almost) full? Please place a pickup request using this form.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Check the About Us page for the correct phone number.

  • I receive mail from Afvalbeheerstuctuur AEEA B.V.(AEEA B.V.). Is that Stichting OPEN?

    Yes, you are receiving mail from Afvalbeheerstructuur AEEA B.V. (AEEA B.V.), which is a 100% subsidiary of Stichting OPEN. AEEA B.V. is responsible for managing waste management structure contracting and invoicing on behalf of Stichting OPEN.