The collection of e-waste has increased significantly and the quality of recycling has improved. Nevertheless, the statutory collection target of 65 percent has not been achieved. This requires a considerable extra effort from producers and chain partners. The OPEN Foundation wants to play a dynamic role in this on behalf of all producers, in close cooperation with all chain partners.

Publications and documents

Actieplan 65%

In Dutch.

The Dutch WEEE Flows

In Dutch.

Analyse inzamelen als uitdaging

In Dutch.

Collection small e-waste and fires

In Dutch

Recommenations tackling fires caused by WEEE

By the WEEE-forum. In English.

Annual report 2020

In Dutch. Bekijk hier de resultaten van de inzameling van elektrische apparaten en energiezuinige lampen in 2020.

Recycling Solar panels

In Dutch. Stichting OPEN zet in op hoogwaardige en circulaire verwerking van zonnepanelen.

Statement Authorised Representative

Foreign Producer are required to appoint an authorised representative.

Roadmap Recycling Solar panels

In Dutch. De te nemen stappen naar een hoogwaardige(re) en circulaire verwerking van zonnepanelen.