If you have a store, web shop or are an installer and you sell (products with integrated) batteries and accumulators, you have a duty to take back the items. That means you are obliged to take back waste batteries and accumulators if end users offer them. The OPEN Foundation offers you a handy collection solution that allows you to comply with legal regulations.

Legal obligations

Your take-back obligation entails that you:

  • Actively offer a collection point;
  • Accept all waste batteries and accumulators from end users;
  • May not compel end users to purchase new batteries after handing them in;
  • Must take back waste batteries and accumulators without charge;
  • Must ensure responsible disposal of waste batteries after collection.

National collection network

When you join as a collection point, you are included in our national collection network. We have at least one collection point per two thousand residents for batteries an accumulators in each municipality in the Netherlands. As a collection point, you ensure end users are able to dispose of their batteries and accumulators easily and you contribute to a better environment.

Safe collection of batteries and accumulators

The collection of batteries and accumulators is an important task. It is essential that this is done in a safe and responsible manner. The OPEN Foundation works according to laws and regulations. We therefore supply you with a collection unit that complies with strict criteria for safe transport. And when the collection unit is full, we replace it with an empty unit. We also provide you with instructions so that you know how to handle the batteries and accumulators responsibly.

 Recycling in accordance with European regulations

The handling of batteries and accumulators must comply with European requirements. Thanks to recycling, we can extract scarce, valuable metals from batteries and accumulators and reuse them as raw materials for new products. The recyclers we work with are certified and work in accordance with national and European regulations.

Become a collection point

You can use our service for free and register your store, web shop or installation company as a collection point if you meet at least the following requirements:

  • You sell (products with built-in) batteries and accumulators;
  • The minimum opening time of your store, web shop or installation company is from 09:00 to 17:00;
  • Your store, web shop or installation company is open at least 4 working days a week.

Register with the OPEN Foundation

Do you have an obligation to collect and do you want to be sure that you comply with the legal rules? And do you want to become a collection point of the OPEN Foundation for free? Fill in the registration form.

If you do not meet these requirements, please ask about our options. You can contact us on 079 – 760 0600 or mailto:logistiek@stichting-open.org.