Much more e-waste needs to be collected in the coming years. We ensure in many ways that consumers know where they can hand in e-waste and the importance of doing so. With our Wecycle campaigns, for example. And with educational and communicative concepts for schools.

Education is an important activity of the OPEN Foundation. Consumers see our communications under the name Wecycle. We know from research that every Dutch person has seen or heard of an advertisement for a Wecycle e-waste collection point at least 15 times on average. We achieve this in different ways.

Strengthen recycling self-confidence

Every year, a lot of education is done to increase knowledge and lower hand-in thresholds. Think of mass media campaigns, social media and online campaigns, education, but also vloggers and incentives with a hand-in message. A significant group of Dutch people indicate that they now throw e-waste away less often than a few years ago (44%) and hand it in more often for recycling (44%). We know this from research that we conduct annually. By measuring this, we know where we can, must or continue to invest in knowledge, attitude and behavioral aspects around the return of e-waste.

Delivery points

At Wecycle, consumers will find information, such as one of our 13,000 Wecycle drop-off points such as environmental sites, stores, petting zoos and more. See the ‘WecycleFinder Drop-off Point’ button on this site.

National Recycle Week

The second week of October is International E-waste Day. Since 2019, the National Recycle Week has been held around that day in the Netherlands. OPEN Foundation (and LightRec Foundation) support this week with various consumer campaigns and collection actions. We cordially invite our partners to also organize activities during this week to stimulate the collection of e-waste. You can make use of a communication kit of the OPEN Foundation, full of materials.

Simple return

With the Jekko, the practical collection box for the home, consumers can store used electrical appliances (and also batteries and light bulbs) neatly in a central location and then hand them in. Municipalities can order Jekkos free of charge. Would you like to use Jekkos in your community? Please call us. We will discuss the conditions. The most important condition is thatkkos that are distributed randomly or door-to-door are not free of charge.

Learned young..

The OPEN Foundation wants, with educational Wecycle projects, to teach children that e-waste does not belong in the trash, but should be handed in for recycling. This means that fewer raw materials are needed from nature. Education about this is therefore of great importance to us. Hundreds of schools and day care centers receive fun and informative teaching materials every year. Schools can find more information at In addition, the E-waste Race takes place at dozens of schools. Ten groups of primary schools compete against each other to collect as much e-waste as possible in four weeks. The race starts with a super instructive and above all fun lesson.