Download here the pdf document of the cost reimbursement rules.

These cost reimbursement rules apply to the “Retailer’s Agreement for Collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” of which these cost reimbursement rules are an integral part.

Cost reimbursement

Detaillist receives a cost reimbursement for the costs it incurs for the collection, temporary storage and delivery of waste electrical appliances to Wecycle. This assures the Detaillist and its customers of responsible recycling of these appliances. The cost reimbursement is based on the actual delivery of the appliances to Wecycle. Detaillist wishing to receive the cost reimbursement must hand over all discarded appliances that it collects to Wecycle. The retailer receives a cost reimbursement (excl. VAT) based on the quantity/type of appliances offered:


fraction CRT Picture tube television and monitors 4 euros per CRT or (computer) monitor with a picture tube
Fraction of the FPD Flat televisions and monitors (Flat Panel Display) 3 euros per TV or (computer) monitor with a flat panel display
GWG fraction Large white goods appliances 6 euro per large white goods device
Fraction KV Refrigerators/freezers 6 euro per refrigerator/freezer
Fraction of KEI Small electric and ICT devices 1 euro per other electrical appliance that does not fit in the KEI box 2 euro for a full KEI box

Distribution centre

If Detaillist from a distribution center offers electrical appliances sorted on a large scale (in containers) into five fractions (GWG, KV, KEI, CRT and FPD), it will receive a cost allowance of 140 euros per ton.