A large majority of the House of Representatives passed a motion on Tuesday, 11 May, requesting the government to conduct a quick scan of the broader optimisation of chain cooperation and the prevention of leakage. This is a significant step towards the introduction of the all-player principle and mandatory issue of waste.

The motion was initiated by MPs Mrs Mulder (CDA) and Mr Hagen (D66). They note that a clear division of roles between the parties implementing the circular economy policy is essential. Only in this way, objectives and agreements of product groups can be implemented. This was established by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving) in its Integral Circular Economy Report (ICER). The tasks and responsibilities of producers are already defined in legislation and regulations, however, those of other chain partners are not yet. That creates an obstacle to effective enforcement. The fact that the House of Representatives has now asked the government to investigate which instruments can be used to optimise chain cooperation and prevent leakage flows, is therefore a useful move.