Your producer responsibility includes the following core tasks:

  • Registering your company as a producer or importer;
  • Reporting to the government the weight of batteries you put on the Dutch market each year;
  • Collecting the batteries and accumulators you put on the market; see collection obligation;
  • Ensure a nationwide collection network;
  • Recycle batteries using the cleanest and best available processing techniques;
  • Educate end-users on the importance of separate battery collection.

Registration with Stichting OPEN

As it is not easy to meet this legal obligation individually, Stichting OPEN offers support through a collective system. Click here to fill in the registration form and send it to us by email together with a recent extract from the Chamber of Commerce. Registration is free of charge.

After confirming your registration, you will receive login details of our submission portal MyBatbase. Here you can join one or more management plans, including:

  • Stichting OPEN for portable and industrial batteries.
  • Stichting EPAC for electric bicycle batteries.
  • Atichting Auto Recycling Nederland (ARN) for car starter and drive batteries.

Option to take over reseller reporting responsibility

You do not have producer responsibility for sales to your Dutch resellers, However, you do have the option to take over the reporting responsibility of your Dutch resellers. This allows you to report all battery sales of your products within the Netherlands at once. If you decide to use this option, send us an Excel file with your Dutch resellers, for whom you will do the battery declarations, and their address details.

Stichting OPEN takes work off your hands

Periodically, you tell us how many batteries you were the first to put on the Dutch market. Depending on the type of battery, you pay a management fee. Check our rates here. With this contribution, Stichting OPEN ensures, among other things, that your batteries and accumulators are collected through a nationwide collection network, that consumers and companies are informed about the importance of separate collection and that batteries and accumulators are recycled safely and responsibly. As no management fee is paid for batteries above 3 kg, this category falls outside our collection network and you must arrange collection, and recycling for these batteries yourself.

Would you like to know more?

Do you have any questions or comments? Or would you prefer a personal conversation? Contact our team Producer Services on 079 – 760 06 30 or by e-mail to